• A. Unipoint Controller

    Unipoint can be easily installed into any plastic or metal enclosure for use indoor or outdoors and even in potentially explosive atmospheres. With the addition of one of Honeywell Analytics’ range of flammable, toxic or Oxygen detectors, systems may be configured to monitor gases in a wide range of applications from car parks and boiler houses to analyser shelters or crane cabs in offshore facilities.

    Two versions of Unipoint are available; one for mV bridge, catalytic bead type, flammable gas detector and the other for any 2 or 3 wire 4-20mA type gas detector. Each Unipoint is easily installed onto the DIN rail via a special socket (provided) that also interconnects power to adjacent units. With removable terminal connectors, individual Unipoint controllers can be easily changed without disturbing other devices.

    By clipping together multiple Unipoints small to medium sized monitoring solutions can be realised. Each unit includes built-in audio/visual alarms, three programmable alarm relays and a fault relay. Gas concentration and system status is displayed on the backlit LCD and each controller is fully user programmable via an intuitive, push button operated menu system. Configuration menus can be password protected to prevent unauthorised access. In addition remote inputs allow accept, reset and inhibit of alarms without the need to open the enclosure that the Unipoint is mounted in.

    Additional Features and Benefits:

    Typical Applications

    • Small and medium integrated systems
    • Custom control cabinets and panels
    • Unmanned equipment rooms
    • Boiler houses
    • HVAC systems
    • Analyzer houses
    • Car parks
    • Crane cabs
    • Laboratories

    User Friendly

    • Ultra-clear backlit display
    • System status codes
    • Built-in audiovisual alarms
    • Intuitive menu system
    • Simple pushbutton operation
    • Remote accept, reset and inhibit inputs

    Easy to Install

    • TS35 (‘top hat’) DIN rail mounting
    • Removable terminal connectors
    • Easy access to all terminals
    • Additional units clip together

    Comprehensive Operation

    • 3 wire mV bridge, 2 and 3 wire 4-20mA inputs
    • DC operation
    • 3 x alarm relays
    • 1 x system fault relay
    • Field inhibit input (mA versions)

    Flexible Operation

    • Fully user programmable scale, units and calibration
    • Relays configurable as energized, de-energized, latching or non-latching, alarm relay on/off delay
    • Compatible with a wide range of gas detectors
  • B. Touchpoint Plus Controller

    Touchpoint™ Plus takes the user experience to the next level. With its unique user interface, operators are able to take control of their gas detection system, safe in the knowledge that their site and staff are protected and productivity is maintained.

    Designed to work across multiple industries, Touchpoint™ Plus’ modular architecture enables you to customize your system to meet your specific application requirements.

    Large touchscreen LCD
    Built around its intuitive, ergonomic touchscreen, Touchpoint™ Plus is designed for ease. From here operators can configure, operate and maintain their gas detection system simply and efficiently by simply touching the screen. The multilingual interface simplifies operation, reducing training requirements and costs. Real-time data is presented in an easy to navigate menu system, whilst historical data can be downloaded to monitor developing threats.

    At a glance system visibility
    When fast and informed decisions need to be made, Touchpoint™ Plus’ full color traffic light style status indicators provide clarity from a distance allowing operators to see system status at-a-glance and make time critical decisions easily.

    If you need to integrate your gas detection with a higher level management system, the Modbus output option makes this straightforward.

    Unique industrial design
    Made of high-impact polymer plastic, Touchpoint™ Plus is versatile and durable. It is dust-proof, water-proof and has been tested to withstand the toughest environments in which our customers operate – indoors and out. Touchpoint™ Plus can be directly wall mounted, or for an easier 1-man installation there is an optional mounting plate. Behind the hinged front cover there is plenty of space for wiring and a unique tiered terminal arrangement for easy access. Cable entries are pre-drilled and sealed ready to use, further reducing installation time and cost.

    Honeywell Analytics’ full system solution
    Touchpoint™ Plus provides a reliable safety solution for small scale gas detection systems across a wide range of applications and industries. As the heart of your gas detection system, Touchpoint™ Plus is designed to work with Honeywell’s industry leading gas detectors and drive actuators, audible and visual alarms to provide a complete end-to-end, highly configurable safety solution.


  • C. Touchpoint Pro Controller

    Honeywell’s Touchpoint Pro makes gas control system design, installation, configuration and operation simple. Touchpoint Pro uses a ‘building block’ approach, providing unrivalled flexibility. The building block approach employed by Touchpoint Pro delivers real value by being able to adapt to each unique system requirement. Ease of use and intuitive configuration ensures that installation, set-up and ongoing maintenance costs are reduced, providing a ‘no compromise’ solution designed to reduce the cost of on-site safety.

    Flexible architecture
    Touchpoint Pro has been designed to deliver flexibility, allowing the system to be freely configured to meet customers’ varying needs. Touchpoint Pro’s modularity means that any system topology can be built, including centralised, distributed I/Os, or a mix of both.

    24/7 visibility of system status
    Touchpoint Pro’s central controller has a Webserver interface, which can be accessed when it is connected to a network, allowing users to remotely view status and event history, and acknowledge, reset or inhibit channels. This feature offers the possibility of system monitoring and data analysis from a remote location using multiple devices including tablets, smart phones and remote computers.

    Simple installation and maintenance
    Using a simple building block technique to create your system, Touchpoint Pro offers multiple features that simplifies installation, setup and ongoing maintenance. A key feature to this is the preloaded sensor catalogue, which contains a complete listing of all Honeywell Analytics’ gas sensors, each with a full default configuration setting. A user can choose to configure input channel settings from the sensor catalogue, resulting in a quick and simple three step configuration process. The rest of the configuration will be loaded automatically.

    Wide selection of inputs/outputs accepted
    The Touchpoint Pro Input/Output plug-in modules can be combined up to a maximum of 16 input modules (64 channels) and 32 output modules (128 channels). Modules can be located in any Touchpoint Pro enclosure and power distribution is via the communication/power Rail. Touchpoint Pro accepts analogue, digital and relay modules making it one of the most flexible controllers available.

    Intuitive user interface
    The heart of the Touchpoint Pro is the central controller, which includes the user interface. The user interface features a full colour LCD touch screen, and provides engineers with an intuitive solution to system set-up and deployment. Easily accessible icons, supported by drop-down menus ensure that even the most complex of system configurations can be commissioned with efficiency.

    Aside from ease of use, Touchpoint Pro’s user interface also includes some valuable aspects that help engineers save time, whilst setting up and commissioning a system.


  • D. Touchpoint Plus Wireless Controller

    The Touchpoint™ Plus wireless is the command-and-control element of the wireless gas detection system that gathers data, monitors and activate alarms from MeshGuard toxic, flammable gas and flame detection monitors.
    Features & Benefits
    • Quick and easy installation
    • Simple, intuitive operation
    • Rugged and reliable
    • Flexible to handle a variety of data processing and communication needs
    Quick Specs
    • Manages up to 64 wireless channels
    • 8 analogue 4-20mA inputs
    • Up to 14 programmable relay outputs
    • Touchscreen LCD
  • RM-6000


    Category Fixed gas detector
    Type Indicator unit
    Target gas Combustible, Toxic, Oxygen
    Type of alarm Gas alarm, Trouble alarm
    Approvals CE
    Power source 100VAC ~ 240VAC +/- 10% or 24VDC +/- 10%
    Dimensions & Weight Approx. 110(W) x 190(H) x 54(D) mm, Approx 580g (wall mounting type) / Approx 650g (panel mounting type)
    Operating temperature & Humidity -10 to 50 ℃, below 95%RH (Non-Condensing)