Gas Detector Fix

  • L. Series 3000 MKII and MKIII Transmitter with sensor

    The Series 3000 range of transmitters provide comprehensive monitoring of toxic and Oxygen gas hazards in potentially explosive atmospheres. Suitable for mounting both indoors and out, they are available in two versions and offer excellent versatility. The MkII is contained in a flameproof housing, has an intrinsically safe sensor connection and is for use in predominantly Zone 1 applications. However with the use of the optional remote mounting kit the sensor of the MkII can be mounted in a Zone 0 environment. The MkIII is for use with a separate suitable IS barrier allowing the complete transmitter to be used in Zone 0 applications.

    These low powered gas detectors all feature a loop powered 4-20 mA connection, making them ideal for both new and retrofit installations. Users can configure the detector through the use of the easy to read LCD and intuitive interface while fault diagnostic software and a programmable calibration period greatly simplify maintenance procedures.


  • M. RAEGuard 2 PID

    RAEGuard 2 PID is a fixed photoionisation detector (PID) that measures a broad range of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The RAEGuard 2 PID operates on 10 to 28 VDC and provides an analog (4-20mA) three-wire signal output and RS-485 Modbus digital signal output. Calibration and maintenance have been greatly simplified as the digital PID module can be easily removed in hazardous locations for calibration or maintenance.

    The RAEGuard 2 PID has a graphic display and local sound alarm and LED light status indicator. In addition, Low, High, and Fault relays can be configured to trigger external alarms or process controls.  A magnetic key interface enables the detector to be calibrated and operational parameters adjusted with the explosion-proof enclosure in place.


  • N. Searchzone Sonic

    A robust and reliable gas-leak detection device, Searchzone Sonik will efficiently “hear” the loss of containment of any high-pressure gas within its listening zone. As it responds to the ultrasonic sound pressure level produced by pressurized gas leaks, it is therefore unaffected by environmental conditions.

    Searchzone Sonik is factory calibrated. Its robust sealed design with no moving parts and the advanced solid-state sensor allow for mounting in any orientation, even in the harshest environments. The acoustic gas leak detector will respond quickly to a gas leak within a sensing range radius of typically 20m (65 ft), dependent upon background noise.

    No False Alarms – the high-end spectral analysis delivers best-in-class detection of high-pressure gas leaks in real-world environments.

    Wide Zone Coverage – typically 20m (65 ft) detection radius, dependent upon background ultrasonic noise levels.

    Complements Existing Gas Detectors – the Searchzone Sonik seamlessly integrates with existing point-and-open path gas detectors, thus creating the optimal gas detection mix.

    No Moving Parts – the solid-state sensor works flawlessly even in the harshest environments and doesn’t need additional calibration.

    Simple Installation and Alignment – the Platform Universal Mount with 3 graduated degrees of freedom enables easy mechanical set-up.

    Bluetooth Compatibility – set-up and interrogation from ground level are available via Bluetooth by using the Honeywell Platform application on IS mobile phones. Depending on the mobile device, the range can reach up to 20 m (65 ft).

    Instrument Status at a Glance – the Searchzone Sonik features a bright signal light – green, yellow, red, or blue –  providing clear indication of the instrument status.

    Full Operational Logs – enables post-event analysis to assess overall performance and allows security checks.

    Fast Commissioning – the Searchzone Sonik App allows users to save configurations and upload to other Searchzone Soniks for quick and easy commissioning.


  • O. 301 RF Refrigerant Gas Detector

    Discreet design and rugged ABS-Polycarbonate housing for the 301IRFS set the standard for “at the source” gas detection in a chiller room. Mount directly to the chiller pad or low on the wall in close proximity to achieve early notifications in the event of a refrigerant leak.

    ASHRAE No 15-2001 Mechanical Standard and B-52 Code Compliance

    The ASHRAE and B-52 security standards have been established to minimize risk and protect the safety of mechanical room personnel and the environment at large. Honeywell’s 301IRF, together with the 301EM mechanical room controller, provides a complete solution that meets and even exceeds these rigorous standards. The 301EM can be configured to offer automatic fan, horn and strobe activation in addition to manual fan activation when the 301IRF detects a refrigerant.

    Additional Features and Benefits:

    User Friendly

    • State-of-the-art infrared sensor technology
    • LED indicator
    • Low-profile and rugged construction for low mounting in chiller/mechanical room

    Economical Solution

    • Cost-effective answer for installation in areas where refrigeration gas hazards may be present

    Detectable Gasses

    • R11, R12, R13B1, R22, R123, R125, R134A, R227, R245A, R404A, R407C, R410A, R507A, R508B, R514A, HFO1233ZD, HFO1234ZE.
  • P. IR-F9 Manning AirScan

    The Manning AirScan™ iR sensor responds to refrigerants over the range of 0-3000 ppm and features SensorCheck™ technology that continually monitors sensor performance.

    The Manning AirScan™ iR infrared sensor is an affordable microprocessor-based sensor that is selective to refrigerants and, because of its stabilized design platform, will provide years of service and will maintain the highest level of accuracy and reliability. This highly versatile sensor features SensorCheck™, a unique technology that continuously monitors sensor performance that enables it to provide worry-free performance  throughout the life of the sensor.

    A true “diffusion” design sensor, the Manning AirScan™ iR sensor does not require either pumps or filters and allows all points of detection to be monitored perpetually, unlike sample draw systems. The versatile sensor is housed in a high mass metal bench structure that enables thermal stability and freedom from vibration.

    Additional Features and Benefits


    • Banana and Produce Rooms
    • Beverage Plants
    • Chemical Plants
    • Confined Space Entry
    • Food Processing
    • Gas Bottling Plants
    • Ice Rinks
    • Product Coolers
    • Rack Houses
    • Refrigeration Systems
    • Supermarkets
    • Wineries

    Refrigerant Specific

    • Rapid response to refrigerants including R-404a, R-22, R-507, R514A, R-134a, R-407a, R-410a, R-422d, NH3, CO2, HFO1234YF, HFO1234ZE, HFO1233ZD.
    • Internal monitoring of 4/20 mA loop circuitry continuously

    Diffusion-Design Sensor

    • Has no moving parts and doesn’t require pumps or filters
    • All points of detection can be monitored continuously at an affordable cost


    • Can be used with any Honeywell Analytics readout
    • Standard range of 0-3,000 ppm, can be rescaled for lower trip points
    • Provides a linear output of 4/20 mA as a function of refrigerant concentration
    • Simple, real-time calibration eliminates maintenance downtime
    • Automatically adapts to fluctuating temperatures

    Long-Lasting Performance

    • Unique internal reference channel compensates for dust particles, source degradation, humidity and temperature fluctuation, food odors, chemical cleaners, etc.

    ATMOS™ Technology

    • Allows for operation down to -60°F and in condensing humidity environments or during washdown
    • Automatically adapts to its environment and provides accurate and reliable performance under the harshest conditions

    SensorCheck™ Technology

    • Checks operating parameters of sensors and sends a notification output signal if an anomaly is identified
    • Tests the sensor every 24 hours for electrical viability
    • Indication can be detected by a Manning gas monitor or PLC


    • High-mass metal bench provides structural and thermal stability and greater immunity to vibration
    • Superior EMI/RFI shielding
  • SD-1GP / SD-1GH


    Category Fixed gas detector
    Type Stand-alone gas detector
    Sampling method Diffusion
    Explosion proof Flameproof enclosure
    Operating temperature & Humidity -20 to 60 ℃, Below 95%RH