Gas Detector Transportable

  • A. Meshgard Stainless Steel

    MeshGuard is the leading gas detection system that is rapidly deployable in numerous industrial and remote monitoring applications. MeshGuard not only saves lives, but tens of thousands of dollars in regulation compliance and information processing. MeshGuard is fully supported by the ProRAE Guardian software platform.

    MeshGuard combines the most advanced gas detection technology for industrial safety applications with the latest in connected data systems. Because the system includes powerful wireless sensors that can be deployed rapidly in any environment, MeshGuard eliminates the need for lengthy and costly installation projects. By detecting and recording a wide range of deadly gases and quickly relaying the data to an easy-to-understand central system, safety personnel have up-to-date information from throughout the network of sensors at a finger’s touch.


  • B. Area RAE Pro

    For years, you’ve relied on AreaRAE as a first line of defense. As the threats have evolved, our technology has, too. Today’s AreaRAE Pro wireless multi-gas, multi-threat detector is equipped with more sensors, more versatility, and more insight into threats happening in real-time—arming you with the information you need when seconds count.

  • C. Area RAE Plus

    The AreaRAE Plus provides superior detection of toxic and combustible gases, VOCs and wind speed, direction and humidity—all in one easy-to configure device. Plus, you’ll have vital details about threats happening in real-time—arming you with the information you need to act quickly.

  • D. Wireless Alarm Bar

    The Wireless Alarm Bar communicates with the MeshGuard product family network. Each alarm bar comes with a pair of xenon strobe lights and a 112 dB horn to provide remote notifications of hazards in a work environment.


  • E. FA 300 Alarmbar

    The FA300 Alarm Bar is part of the MeshGuard system for hazardous gas detection. The alarm device comes with one audible and four visual alarm outputs, and the alarm logic is fully configurable from the FMC 2000 multi-channel controller.

  • Honeywell BW™ RigRat

    Honeywell BW™ RigRat brings a new level of user-friendliness to transportable multi-gas area monitoring, so your people can work with confidence in hazardous areas. Simply place the monitor nearby, and it will alert workers to area gas threats so they can take action.
    Grab and go. Like other Honeywell BW™ products, Honeywell BW™ RigRat is engineered for ease, with one-button operation. Simply turn it on and it’s ready to deploy- no expertise required. Convenient handles and a carrying strap make it easy to take with you.
    Unlike some transportable area monitors, Honeywell BW™ RigRat is fully self-contained – with no need to re­purpose your personal gas detectors for an area monitoring application. Instead, continue using your personal detectors to monitor workers’ breathing zone,
    while using Honeywell BW™ RigRat to monitor an area.
    Features & Benefits
    • Wireless Safety Perimeter
    • Remote monitoring
    • Honeywell TouchPoint™ Plus Compatible
    • Line Power for extended runtime in the field
    • Inert mode that prevents alarm in normal ambient air
    • Large, easy-to-read display
    • Rugged, weatherproof design, with optional protective cage
    • I/O ports providing additional input capabilities and local executive activation
    Quick Specs
    • 8 weeks of runtime on a single charge
    • Up to 6 gas sensors
    • Programmable input and output
    • Simple smartphone setup