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Regulator Type 2


A regulator is a valve that automatically breaks the flow of liquid or gas at a certain pressure. Regulators are used to allow liquids or gases with high pressure to be reduced to safe pressures used for various applications. Gas pressure regulators are used to regulate gas pressure but are not suitable for measuring flow rates. Flowmeters, Rotometers or Mass Flow Controllers must be used to accurately regulate the flow rate of the gas.

Type: Fixed Flow
Technical specification: Maximum Inlet Pressure : 500 psig/ 35 bar
Minimum Outlet Pressure : 20 psig/ 1.4 bar
Inlet : CGA 600
Outlet : 3/16″ Barb/4.8mm
Gauge : 0-500 psig/35bar
For Use with Calgaz Cylinders : Calgaz 34s
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